Rizosphere AG Plant and Soil Builder
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Rizosphere AG Plant and Soil Builder


Plant and soil builder with broad spectrum protection made from lactating dairy cow manure using a multi-stage fermentation process to extract the essentials from the manure.

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Rizosphere AG

Features and Benefits

• 100% bio-degradable, odorless, clear liquid
• All Natural ingredients, Contains over 70 micronutrients, 3 natural growth hormones, and essential organic compounds.
• Supplements the natural biological process of the organic turnover in the soil
• Establishes a relationship between the fungi contained in Rhizosphere AG and the soil bacteria in organic soil recycling.
• Fungi and kelp extract work in conjunction to enhance growth and create healthy soil in anaerobic conditions
• Feeds and nourishes soil bacteria that communicate and create naturally what the plant is requiring for strong healthy growth.
• Works faster than residues in the soils stimulation decomposition of organic materials and assisting growth hormones to enter the plant molecules faster and with less resistance.
• Organic matter is not increased by applying traditional nitrogen fertilizers to the soil.
• The fermentation process produces a solution that gives consistent results that are complementary to and compatible with the kelp extract nutrients using water as a carrier.
• The essential thyme oil a natural plant oil gives the plant a natural insect and fungal broad spectrum protection.
• Healthy soil and healthy plants are created naturally. Fertilizers, Pesticides, and herbicides artificially feed and protect the plant which does not build strong and healthy soils or plants. Artificial methods create an ever-increasing chemical use cycle to sustain effectiveness of artificially non-biodegradable chemicals that adversely affect our environment.

• Turfgrass study: Better germination, Grows more vigorously, deeper root growth, healthier grass, reduced fertilizer needs, increased yields. Reduced shock for sod plantings, faster rooting, increase in heat tolerance. Faster growth and greener thicker blades.
• Increases fruit crop production, flowering, and overall health of soil ecosystem

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 in

128oz (1 Gallon), 128oz Case of 4


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