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What we're good at

Mission (Why we do what we do)
To eliminate the waste and pollution of duplicate, unnecessary, harmful and non-complying and/or non-conforming chemicals through lean(er) chemical solutions including customizable delivery, dispensing, distillation, filtration and recycling/reclamation systems.


Goal (What’s in it for you)
A 50% minimum reduction of industrial chemical related maintenance and operating expense in less than 6 months. Our lean(er) chemical solutions: 1) get the job done, 2) legally and safely, 3) at a low(er) total cost of ownership.


Process (How we do it):
With more than 20 years of successful solvent substitutions, we have observed as much as 80% of the industrial chemicals in use are ineffective and wasteful. Starting with a door-to-door analysis of your top 20% of maintenance and production chemicals, we study the materials, methods, machines and people involved and then rethink your cleaning process to remove soils and contaminants without hurting the product and/or equipment involved; your workers, your profits or our environment.


To determine if the industrial chemicals in use are both essential and efficient we ask “What is it about ________ that causes the problem to occur?” Seeing and documenting the relationship between machine, method, materials and people involved we can pinpoint what is and is not performing and focus upstream and/or downstream from the root cause.

We are innovators in the wind turbine cleaning industry. We are the first and the only company to have an automatic wind turbine cleaner protected under United States patent. Our automatic wind turbine cleaner not only cuts cleaning time but is also safe because we have no employees hanging from ropes or on scaffolding.

We only use environmentally friendly equipment and solutions on all our industrial cleaning projects. We recover and reuse our wash water, and dispose of it in a proper manner. This ensures that there is no environmental damage done. We strive to be an industry leader by cleaning to satisfaction and respecting safety and the environment.

Apart from wind turbine cleaning, we also specialize in cleaning simple and complex industrial machinery and equipment.

We Clean:
Outside Turbine Towers, Turbine Insides, Turbine Blades, Turbine Housing, Tanks, Gutters, Pipes, Rigs, Surface/Pavement, Solar Panels, All Industrial & Mining Equipment, and More.

H2Out® Space Dryers are compact renewable dehumidifiers that help to keep interiors dry and fresh. Our industrial design ensures ease-of-use, no messy spills, and is completely renewable….so you don’t have to keep buying refills!

H2Out® Space Dryers contain the same type of desiccant used by NASA and the US Military. This technology prevents condensation and water contamination – helping to prevent rust, corrosion, mold, mildew, dampness and odors. These portable dehumidifiers are the perfect way to protect RVs, boats, homes & storage areas, gun safes, electrical systems, collectibles, clothing and much more from moisture damage.

Our Business
FORE GREEN believes sustainability is the future. We provide leadership and direction to help the golf industry navigate the challenges of today as you plan for the opportunities of tomorrow.

We use hands-on presentations techniques, real world examples and collaborative partnerships to inspire our clients as to what is possible through sustainable best management practices, cutting edge technology and the most current understanding of business and social trends as they relate to golf.

FORE GREEN connects clubs, golf courses, golf organizations to leaders in the areas of golf course sustainability, green building systems, club management, business marketing, business trends and renewable technologies.

Our Business
Conexo business fields are oriented to the area of tribology, lubrication, industrial maintenance, reliability, and international supply. The Company’s activities also extend to testing, manufacturing, distribution of lubricants, and the market development for technologies applied for low maintenance in heavy industrial equipment. Our activities in these fields fall into 3 distinctive divisions:

Conexo North America Division
Offers performance products and customized services to industrial, transportation, and heavy equipment that increase reliability and productivity, reduces fuel and energy consumption, and minimizes maintenance costs.

Conexo Sur Division
The Sur Division acts as connection between geographies and business cultures allowing technologies to reach the industrial markets in Latin America faster. We manufacture, distribute, and supply performance products that are state of the art and affordable for our customers. Our solutions focus on mechanical reliability as the way to reach a higher productivity and to reduce maintenance and operation costs.

Conexo Test Division
offers instruments used in testing mechanical components, engines, turbines, lubricants, and additives that the OEMs and other manufacturers use for research & development, quality control, and marketing. We also offer friction and wear testing for lubricants, materials, and layers. Conexo is the official representative for innovative instruments that measure in real time particulate in fluids and particles in combustion gas.

Powered by SynTech, the world’s only synthetic acid, EMS products offer the full strength of sulfuric, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric and other mineral acids with no harmful effects to personnel, equipment or the environment. Combined with our patented synthetic degreasers, release and microbial agents, EMS products safely replace the harsh acids, solvents, and caustics used in many industries. Our accomplishments now number over 150 products including the world’s only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approved vehicle washes and cleaners.

All EMS formulations carry triple-zero Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) scores, are non-corrosive to metals, non-irritating to skin, non-mutagenic, and 100% biodegradable within 10 days. EMS ingredients also carry EPA, FDA, OSHA and USDA approvals and are not regulated by the D.O.T. or Canadian TDG.

EMS has been recognized as “CHAMPION” in the EPA’s Design for Environment Program’s Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative (SDSI). “CHAMPION” is the highest level of recognition within the SDSI program and reflects EMS’ commitment to developing and producing only the safest detergents and surfactants. EMS will receive the Champion award later this year in Washington, D.C.

Rewitec is a one-time mechanical treatment that permanently protects from abrasive wear and reconditions metal surfaces in engines, gearboxes, compressors, and bearings and other machines. Rewitec in engines extends lifetime, gets more horsepower, torque, and fuel economy and lasts over many oil changes. Applied on friction surfaces of industrial equipment such as gears, bearings and other machines increases reliability, lowers maintenance, reconditions worn surfaces and micropitting, and extends lifetime for many years.