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BAC Antimicrobial Cleaner Tough enough to clean surfaces in hospitals, schools, daycares and clinics, yet gentle enough for household surfaces, including: glass, stainless, wood, carpet, and fabrics. Read More Download PDF

Welcome to Greener Solutions

At Greener Solutions we are Whole plant, organic, no till farming, no pesticide, no herbicide no PCB or POP minded, and so are our cleaning, disinfection, botanical pesticides, and soil building organic fertilizers.

That’s pretty much bottom line here at Greener Solutions. One small company trying our best to fashion a ground swell of healthy earth from the folks up. And we are not alone, from the many organic farmers across the globe, discovering the age-old no-till farming is healthier. And may I say, more profitable to the world-wide consumers demanding healthier environments, safer food, cleaner air and water.

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PreVasive USA Partnership

PreVasive USA is more than just a developer of Organic, Natural, breakthrough chemical formulations.

We’re a total solutions company that provides not only one of the safest, non-corrosive, non-bleach, EPA Registered, 2-minute sporicides available in the market today, but we bring a team of Certified Industrial Hygienists, with over 50 years of combined hands-on experience as leading providers of pathogen remediation services throughout the Southeast, to the table.

As professional remediation experts, we understand cleaning and disinfection Best Practices. We are continually refining our methods of cleaning and chemical application as new simple, innovative technologies are introduced to the market.

We share these methods with our customers, so that they can begin to incorporate these tools into their daily cleaning and disinfection protocols



Our “Greener Solutions” consultants begin by learning what products and methods you currently use, how you use them, why you use them, the desired/required outcome and what you would like to improve or change. We work directly with our partner product manufacturers, chemists and industry experts (along with your EHS and field personnel) to perform “side by side” performance testing and price -vs- cost analysis. We work with your environmental and safety team/s and local and/or federal regulatory offices to understand compliance and/or permitting requirements to find you improved and “Greener Solutions”.

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